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Statement of Faith

How much do your materials cost?

Although we publish a large variety of materials, including newsletters, CDs, DVDs, and tracts, we do not put a price tag on anything we offer. We believe there should be giving and receiving in the Kingdom of God rather than buying and selling. The costs of the ministry are paid for with the kind donations of our supporters.

What time do your services start?

We have a Sunday morning service that starts at 10:00 AM Central Standard Time. This service is led by Pastor Samuel David Meyer. On Wednesday night, we have a Bible study that begins at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time. The Bible study is led by Shirley Meyer, who is the widow of our founder, Pastor David J. Meyer.

Which version of the Bible do you use?

We always have and always will use the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures. We believe this is the most reliable version of the Bible in the English language.

What is your religious affiliation?

Truth Tabernacle is an independent, old-fashioned, Bible believing, non-denominational church. We are not affiliated with any denomination or other organizations.

Does your church perform baptisms?

Yes! We are always excited to perform baptisms for people who have truly repented of their sins. We always baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as is commanded in Acts 2:38. We believe that people are baptized into Jesus Christ rather than into a church or an earthly organization. (Romans 6:3) 

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